Magic Rituals for Everyone!


Make ALL your Dreams come true!

Attract money!

Get rid of your Diseases!

Find you soul mate for everlasting love!

Get your partner back!


Magic Rituals for Everyone will show you how you can make your deepest wishes come true!


My name is Martin and I am a magician. Magic was part of our family as long as I can think. My grand grand father was teaching my grand father, my grand father was teaching my father, who was teaching me…

With my magic I was helping people all around the world to make all their wishes come true or get rid of what was bothering them. This could be any disease or even people who harmed them. I also helped more than 1.000 people to find their partner for life or made them abundant for life!

I have done this all with secret ancient magic rituals, which is family tradition long before I was born.

But nowadays I am not able to help all the people who are coming to me looking for help. There are too many now. So the idea came up to teach people our magic rituals so they could help themselves.

And it worked from the beginning!

I started to teach very easy rituals. So someone (Robert) was in need for money, so I showed him a ritual to attract money. One month later he called me and was telling me that he has received $20.000. The amount he was asking for. Robert had no experience in magic rituals, nor has he had ever tried it before. He had done it for the first time in his life! And it worked!

The next months I tried to give away the easy rituals on paper. I asked the people to perform the rituals themselves and only come back to me if they didn’t succeed. But the success rate was so amazing! More than 80% were successful! My personal success rate is over 90%, so this was a very amazing number for people who had no experience in magic rituals.

Well, I still perform the more complex rituals by myself. But my goal was to reach more people and I only was able to do this by giving away some of our ancient secret rituals.

I learned that no one has to be a magician to have success with these easy to perform rituals!

Now the big question is: which kind of wishes can you do with Magic Rituals for Everyone?

  1. Attracting money!
  2. Attracting your partner for Life! – Finding your soul mate
  3. Getting rid of diseases (warts, blood diseases, arthritis, all kind of wounds, fever, allergic reactions of all kind, swellings,…)
  4. Getting rid of people who harm you (separate them energetically, that they can’t harm you anymore)!
  5. Learn how to use the Pendulum which answers you all questions about your future! – Including “yes” and “no” questions!
  6. Learn rituals who protect you from any evil (persons, spells, bad-luck,…)!
  7. Getting your partner back! (it’s only working when he/she still has feelings for you. We are not doing black magic here)!
  8. Rituals for attracting luck!
  9. And much more!



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As a bonus, get a list of herbs, crystals, fragrances and fruits which can support your life!

Learn how certain fragrances can clear diseases or support cure!

Learn how certain stones or crystals protect you from bad luck and help you to attract only luck in your life!

Learn how to gain better sleep and more energy for the whole day!

Learn how to clear forgetfulness, bad luck, fatigue, aggression, exhaustion and attract harmony, recreation, happiness, energy,…!


You don’t need to be an experienced magician to perform these rituals.

The power is in the ritual itself!


Everyone can do these rituals, but there is a catch!

  1. You have to believe in the rituals. They won’t work when you think that you can’t do it!
  2. Some rituals take time (average time approx. 20 Minutes). Don’t try to do the rituals when you are stressed, angry or depressed. You need a clear mind to perform the rituals!


That’s all!


These rituals are so easy to perform! I feel like I am already mastered my life. I try every week a new ritual – with success. I can’t believe how my life has changed. Thx
Karin, Germany


What else do I need for the rituals?

Well, it depends on the ritual. Sometime you need candles, pens, coins, a ribbon or scissors, but you don’t have to sacrifice chickens or need some blood from animals! ;-) We’re doing easy rituals here and all the stuff you need you will get in any shop. In some cases you just need to use a spell. Nothing more.

Can I really perform any ritual by myself?

Yes, you can!

Each ritual includes a detailed description how to perform it! You will know what you need to get started and you will know exactly what you have to do to perform it. Every ritual is done easily.


Hello there! More than 20 years I’ve been waiting for the Mr. Right in my life. I had very bad relationships and I almost gave up waiting and looking. As I performed the magic love rituals for attracting the right partner, suddenly I met a “new” guy at work. He was there as long as I am (12 years!) but we never met. Now we are happiest together since 8 month. Life is like a dream now and I am so happy.
Sandy, Orlando


Where are these rituals from?

These rituals are ancient and were delivered from generation to generation in our family. We also added different rituals from other magicians, but only if we could perform them with success. Each ritual has been performed by us and only if it has proven successful we gave it away. Other people tested these rituals and it worked with them too!


Hi Marten,
I always had money problems in my life. I worked 12 hours a day and had 2 jobs. But I had never enough money to feed my family, pay the rent, the car and so on. Since 3 weeks I am doing the money rituals now. I’ve chosen the 3rd one and within 3 weeks there was money flowing from everywhere into my life without doing anything except the rituals. This is unbelievable!!! Now I got a job with more salary. And I don’t need the second job anymore. But best thing is that we got so much money from unknown sources that we could pay off all our debts and get a brand new car. We are free now. Life is going great! Thank you, thank you!
Tamer, Chicago


How powerful are the rituals?

All I can say that all rituals are proven by experience and I know that they will work! I have seen them working! I have experienced myself the rituals!

That’s why I want to warn you. Don’t play with the rituals. They are powerful and you should always know seriously what you want before you get started! If you are aware of this you can’t do anything wrong! Use the rituals respectfully but with no fear. Use it only for good purposes and don’t harm anybody. As mentioned before, we are not doing black magic here.

Hundreds of years ago there were only a few who knew the secrets of performing magic rituals. The people thought that magicians were powerful people with secret skills. But magicians are only people like you! The only difference is they know how to get connected to the ancient wisdom.

You wouldn’t believe how many powerful people in business and politics are consulting magicians nowadays! The only thing these people don’t know about is that they could perform these rituals by themselves. But they don’t have the knowledge how to perform! Anyone can do this. – Of course there are some rituals which need a lot of experience but to get your life started, get money, get rid of diseases, attract anything you want (including your partner for life) there is no big secret about. And you will get all these rituals in this eBook!


At the beginning I couldn’t believe that these easy rituals are so powerful. But my life has proven that they are working. My arthritis has almost gone. I gained so much life quality now. This is just amazing! Thank you for sharing these rituals with me.
René, France


The rituals are not:

  1. Black magic!
  2. Here to harm anyone!
  3. Only for your purpose!
  4. Dangerous!


The rituals are very powerful for you but not to harm others!


Remember: with Magic Rituals for Everyone you can get rid of old and bad habits and get your life into flow. Attract anything you want!

No more money problems! Get rid of old patterns and start a new life! Attract your love for life! Get rid of your diseases!



Order today for only $27

And I want to do it all risk-free with your personal 60-day 100% money back promise, for a one-time payment of only $27.



User the power of rituals to get your life started! Don’t let others control your life.

Do whatever you want!

Be whatever you want to be!

Get whatever you want to have!




Order today for only $27



And I want to do it all risk-free with your personal 60-day 100% money back promise, for a one-time payment of only $27.




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